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We at Empower with Art Productions believe we are able to use our gifts and expertise in the arts for the great purpose of creating a better world now and for the generations to come. It is essential to us to produce works that not only are world class, but more importantly, that inspire and uplift humanity. We are committed to creating works of art that are infused with powerful and transformative messages, stories, music, visuals and so much more in the hope that they may change the world--one heart at a time. In addition to creating and producing conscious-based music and theater productions that are educational, positive and impactful in today’s society, it is also our goal to educate and empower young emerging artists with exceptional talent and to give them the opportunity to perform on a professional level. These include, musicians, singers, dancers, visual media artist and other artistic mediums.


EWAP foresees, to hold three fundraising events per year to raise funding for our larger productions that will give these young emerging artists a professional performance experience as well as to offer a select number of exceptionally talented young artists an educational scholarship or grant to support their artistic studies. 

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry david-thoreau  |  author


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